Did you know that Cherry Blossoms symbolise renewal?

Known as ‘Sakura’ in Japanese, these pale blooms symbolise spring, a time of renewal and simplicity.

Here at HR-Blossoms, we are committed to keeping HR simple, honest and to the point. We use all opportunities as a chance to grow, learn and revive your projects.

HR-Blossoms prides itself in cutting out the ‘HR Bolloxology’ and works with organisations to create an understanding of the minefield known as Human Resources. At the same time, we keep things simple and direct and have diversity at the heart of everything we do.

Our motto is ‘People before Process’.

Our commitments

  • We aim to keep people’s policies and processes simple and easily understood. While ensuring inclusivity for all.
  • We are an anti-racist company and aim to create and deliver a diverse solution for all. No matter skin colour, background, age, religion or sexuality.
  • We are committed to equality.
  • We look for ways to add value back into the community through mentoring, coaching, CV writing or interview practice. Or just offering advice.

Who are we?

Eva – Founder & Managing Director

We practice what we preach. We are passionate about diversity, having a voice and speaking the truth.

We believe that we can make a difference by each action we take. This comes through the work we deliver.

Human Resources should not be complicated!

Meet the team

For Eva, Director and Founder of HR-Blossoms Ltd, these last few years were an opportunity to grow and focus on working with organisations to think about people’s practices differently and ensure diversity and inclusion were at the heart of everything they do.

The last three years have been like no other, and organisations across the globe have faced many challenges. Despite that, HR-Blossoms Ltd believes that it’s important to put the human element back into HR now more than ever. Ensure all people policies add value and, more importantly, that your organisation puts ‘people before processes’.

Eva was born in Lagos, Nigeria and raised in Leeds. Yes, a Nigerian, a Yorkshire lass and very proud of that! A proud mother of two beautiful daughters. Eva is dedicated to imparting to them her work ethos of passion and commitment. That through ambition and determination, you can achieve anything!

The boring career stuff that everyone wants to know…

Eva is a well-rounded commercial Human Resources expert who leads with a conscience. She brings over 20 years of experience working in and for organisations across various sectors and brands, such as EasyJet, TUI UK (previously known as Thomson Holidays), Tesco, Dixons Carphone Warehouse and most recently, Eat and Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing. During this time, she has coached, managed, and led several teams to evolve the role of HR. 

Eva is passionate about giving back and supporting various community programmes such as Black Woman in HR and Careers & Enterprise.

Eva is a pragmatic, commercial and change management-driven director, familiar with working in a variety of matrix-style organisations (from start-ups to large scale) where there is a need to be results-focused, flexible and influential within the business. 

Through everything, her goal is to continue to use her abilities to help entrepreneurial businesses elevate their brand in both the workplace and market through conscious objectives: to lead through strategic drive and vision. In doing so, she can help you to excel with your workforce and business. 

Bianca (She/Her)

Having worked in dentistry for nine years, Bianca decided it was time for a change and, therefore, undertook a new challenge within the world of HR. Bianca’s core focus is centred around the maintenance and well-being of others, striving for better outcomes and organisation processes and ensuring that a safe space is provided for the voices of others to be heard, respected, and valued.

Bianca believes a solid foundation is based on transparency, clear goals, and forward communication. This helps to destabilise the stigma of hierarchy but more so presents opportunities for growth and a better working environment for both parties. 

Let’s face it, without the total commitment of your team, organisations will fail to tap into their desired potential, leading to high staff turnover and lack of continuity, which is why Bianca’s commitments to install unique and relatable processes are at the forefront of everything she does. Her customer-facing skills and strong knowledge within the administration have allowed her to delve into this new role to enhance and provide positive change.

Why HR Blossoms?

There are so many other consultancies to pick why choose us;

  • you are an organisation that is keen to offer simple and honest HR solutions to your workforce;
  • you are looking for lived experience or knowledge;
  • you are looking for creative solutions with an edge.

Get in touch today; we are here for you.